About us

             Sripinong Truck Co., Ltd. was developed from Charoenchai Garage last 20 years ago that established by Mr.Pitak Charoenchai, (Founder). When he was passed away, His youngest child named Mr.Sombat Charoenchai continue his business with the long experience from small garage to medium factory by registered and changed name to Sripinong Truck&Construction Co., ltd. at 88/4 moo 1 Marbpong Phanthong Chonburi Thailand and appointed Mrs.Pornpen Charoenchai to be Honorary Counselor of Body truck manufacturer and Civil construction.          

            By 2013, Body truck industry is high growth so we separate body truck and construction and change named to Sripinong Truck Co., ltd. till now to focus on Body trucks. And set the major point to make the products worth to price not too cheap with low quality.  

        We try to present this concept and products to our customers that the long term uses of product come with high price with worth and high quality in high standard. So why we choose low price in short life time of products.  The frame of thought is created by travelling over 30 countries,such as USA, UK, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, etc. by Managing Director named Mr.Dharasara Charoenchai, study visit of various products and adapt to manufacture to Thailand especially Fire truck, rescue truck, Garbage truck, Crane truck, Sweeper truck and Sewage truck, etc.  We promise to make the high quality of Truck with safety use, nattily and worthily to make our country better served. 

Delivery correct to Contract   

Keep high standard 

Safety to Use

  Service Mind


To be leader of Body truck development to served the need of our country to safe life and facilitate Thai people and Foreign. 

Executive Profile


       Mr.Dhanesara  Charoenchai (Ko)


       084-8888-901  Line: ko4p


       -  The fifth of Direkkunaporn

       -  The Good Man of Chonburi 2016 


       -  Civil Engineering, Burapha University

       -  Master of Public and Private Management, Nida

Position and function

       -  Specialist of Member of the House of Representatives 

       -  6th Zone chairperson Lions of 310C, Thailand

       -  Managing Director and Adviser of 4 companies


       -  Re-Cu junior #5

       -  MMM52 Nida

       -  SCB IEP12 Siam Commercial Bank

       -  KSME16 Kasikornthai

       -  TLP.10 Thammasart

       -  DAD1 Nida

       -  New Generation of Local Admin#2 KPI

       -  VPK10, Thepsirin 


Design, manufacture and maintenance products to serve and develop our country in SAFE LIFE, FACILITIES and PROPERTIES.
Our products and services must into the customer's mind.
Push the high quality of our products forward to local administration.
Our projects must be accurate and fair to Customers.